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Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance allows organizations to protect all of their assets under a single policy. Not only is fleet insurance less expensive than holding individual policies for each vehicle, but fleet insurance also caters to the specific needs of businesses.

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Fleet Insurance 101

Fleet insurance provides coverage across a fleet of business vehicles. It allows you to insure all vehicles under one policy rather than individually and you can either insure all drivers to all vehicles or assign named drivers. 

Who can get fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance is available to businesses that lease or own at least two vehicles. The term ‘fleet’ refers to a group of between 2-500 vehicles on average but could be limitless in size depending on the insurer.

Any driver can be included as long as they are permitted by the company/directors. This is because the insurance policy is typically issued on an ‘Any Authorized Driver’ basis. However, you may find your premiums increase when covering young or previously convicted drivers.

How Does Fleet Insurance Work?

Fleet insurance covers numerous vehicles leased or owned by a business and can be registered in either the name of the company, a partner or a director. Payments can be made monthly or yearly depending on company need.  Belus Insurance will work with you to find you the best deals.

What’s included?

Just like standard car insurance, fleet insurance is available in three different levels of cover. These are:

  • Comprehensive: covers any damage to both your own and/or third party vehicles as well as any injuries to you, your passengers and third parties from a fault or non-fault accident.

  • Third party fire and theft: covers any damage to third party vehicles while also covering your own for fire and theft.

  • Third party only: covers only damage to third parties, including any damage to other people’s property/vehicles, plus any injuries to others and your passengers.​

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